4.21.19 Easter Sermon - "Go and Seek Life!"

So today, this week, this 50 days of Easter that are upon us, maybe you can ask - where you do find resurrection life? Is it in a partnership, a relationship, a friendship? Is it in family? Is it in your church? Is it in volunteer time you put in? Is it in working in the garden? Wherever you find resurrection life, wherever your spirit comes to life, spend more time there. And where things seem to take you into the tomb, where your spirit seems to drop, where your heart sinks, spend less time there. And if you do, maybe you will find angels waiting there, saying, ‘Why are you looking for the living among the dead?’ Life is not here, it is somewhere else. Go and seek life. Christ, who is for our human flourishing, rose from the grave as an ultimate act of showing that life will always win.” - Rev. Jonathan Myers

Readings: Isaiah 25:6-9, Psalm 114, 1 Corinthians 5:6b-8, Luke 24:13-49